cell-1 Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia hasn't even come up to the market with its N86 8MP high-end mobile phone, yet the device has already been cloned by some Chinese makers. The replica, called NCKIA N86E, resembles the original a lot, though it doesn't feature the same great looks.

What the clone of Nokia N86 8MP is able to offer those who would like to purchase it includes multimedia features like Mp3 music player, background play, support equalizer, synchronous lyrics display, 3GP, MP4, 3GP/MP4 video format support, FM Radio support (headphones needed), Built-in games and support for TXT format e-book reader.
Other specs of the handset include high-definition video camera, memory card slot with support for up to 4GB of additional storage space, support for Bluetooth file transfer, Bluetooth headset (voice), Bluetooth music (stereo), as well as Bluetooth stereo output. The phone's 2.6-inch display can offer a 240 x 320 pixel resolution and 260,000 colors.
The NCKIA N86E also supports jpg, gif picture formats, Simplified Chinese and English language support, SMS / MMS messaging, speakerphone, hands-free calls, WAP function, handwritten input, GPRS support, IP call, calendar, to-do list, alarm clock, exchange rate, stopwatch, world time, health management, mobile QQ and magic audio call.

The device measures 102 x 52 x 16 mm, weighs 115g, is available in both black and silver, comes with support for 900/1800MHz GSM frequencies and includes a battery able to provide 150-450 minutes of talk time and 150-480 hours of standby time. The device is announced as being already available for purchase, yet there are no details on the price tag it features.
Though one might consider that the phone packs a lot of features, we should keep in mind that it is only a clone of the Nokia N86 8MP, and not the device itself, so it might not be worth the money after all, even if its price tag is much lower than that of the original.


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