No-Sony-Ericsson-Android-Phone-Coming-Soon-2 Japanese – Swedish joint venture Sony Ericsson was somehow expected to come to the market with its own mobile phone based on the increasingly popular Google Android operating system, yet it seems that this won't happen in the near future. The company's chief executive is reported to have said that the company would take its time with the development of such a device, yet no possible time frame for the release of the

device was announced.
As many of you might already know, a wide range of mobile phone makers around the world announced at the beginning of this year plans to come to the market with their own iteration of an Android-powered handset, while also rushing out to see traction from the users, yet Sony Ericsson seems to be a little late at the party.
“It does require a lot of evaluation, as well as a lot of testing, a lot of acceptance from a consumer viewpoint, and there is still some time to go,” Chief Executive Hideki Komiyama told Reuters in an interview. “Looking ahead I think that we see this as one of the important operating systems, there is no doubt,” he also added.
It seems that in the end Sony Ericsson will go for three operating systems for its devices, namely Symbian, Android and Microsoft's Windows Mobile. The company is also expected this year to come to display with a high-end device sporting a 12-megapixel photo snapper, the Idou, which should run under Symbian.
Things are not looking too bright for the phone maker at the moment, as the joint venture has seen great losses in the past few quarters, and posted high losses for the Q1 2009 as well. At the same time, the Swedish company Ericsson was rumored to plan on leaving the joint venture, while Japan's Sony Corp was expected to buy Ericsson’s share.


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