att-lg-xenon-neon-samsung-magnet-impression-ofc It's always nice to hear what mobile phone makers plan to bring to the market in the future, so as to prepare ourselves to make upgrades for our existing handsets, or to switch to another manufacturer, leaving the brand that we are already using aside. And when it comes to choosing a better device, it seems that one great option in the not-too-distant-future will be LG Electronics, a company that recently announced plans to climb up to the second position on the handset market by 2012.

Given the fact that Samsung is the one that currently holds the top 2 place, LG will have to face the maker in its endeavor, which means that we're about to witness a battle between South Korean mobile phone vendors. Gearing up for the war, LG puts on the table some of the weapons it plans to use, and announces that a “Black Label” phone is coming our way this year, and that the device will be able to compete against the mighty iPhone easily.
This is the first time the company announces such a device, and the turn of events will be rather interesting to witness, though we should mention that others have also claimed to be able to take the iPhone down, unsuccessfully. In addition to this Q4 launch, LG Electronics is also readying a third iteration of its Prada device, yet no word on its availability has been said so far. Undoubtedly, if the company is set to gain one position in the top during the following two and a half years, the device will come soon enough to make a stand on the market.
The smartphone area seems to be another point of interest for the South Korean company, and we'll see new Windows Mobile and Android phones released into the wild, some of which will probably come before the end of the ongoing year. Moreover, it seems that the maker is also determined to move to the ultra-high-end market, and a future premium line of handsets will help it do so. Phones “similar to Toyota’s Lexus and Nokia’s Vertu” will be included in the lineup, though it is rather uncertain whether these device will prove of real help for LG.
Of course, one would easily say that the company is fooling itself when saying that it will manage to take Samsung's position, yet we should consider the possibility that a really great LG phone will hit the market soon. And if users are knocked down by this device's performance, looks and price, then everything is possible. For sure, Samsung won't sit with it hands crossed and will release competitive solutions too, so competition will become tighter for LG, all for the benefit of users, we hope.


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