Google Voice is a service that some Android and BlackBerry mobile phone users will be able to enjoy on their handsets starting today, according to Vincent Paquet, senior product manager for Google Voice and a co-founder of GrandCentral, cited by Cnet. Those who are already Google Voice users and also own a BlackBerry device or a phone running under Android should be able to benefit from the service directly on their mobile devices starting with a certain point today.

Google Voice, as many of you might already know, will enable users to get a single phone number that will ring home, work, and cell phones, while also offering them text transcription of voice mail messages.
The new application should offer smartphone users the possibility to make phone calls using the Google Voice number, which will be displayed on the receiver's device. In addition, Paquet says, they will also enjoy transcribed voice mail via the dedicated application and not through the phone's browser. Another device that will soon see the application is Apple's iPhone, though work on it is not done at the moment, it seems. For the time being, no time frame for the release of the solution has been unveiled, though Paquet has reportedly stated that Apple and Google are working together on the iPhone flavor of the app.
One of the most attractive features that Google Voice has been reported to offer users is number portability, though it seems that there are still some aspects that need to be covered. As for the new software solution, Android mobile phone users should be able to download it on their devices either from Google's mobile site or from the Android Market, yet it seems that BlackBerry users won't find it at the App World, and will have to search for it on Google. Those who would like to join Google Voice will have to apply for an invitation, and will be added to a waiting list. More details on this can be found on Google Voice's website.


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