The-Features-You-Only-Get-with-iPhone-3G-S-2 Apple described the device as the fastest and most reliable iPhone yet, citing key OS 3.0 features such as Cut, Copy and Paste, MMS (available later this year), Spotlight Search, but also device-specific enhancements like a built-in digital compass for instant navigation, built-in Nike + iPod support and new accessibility features, including VoiceOver.
However, there are many other features that are typical of the iPhone 3G S. For those looking to make a comparison between older-generation devices and the new iPhone 3G S, we’ve put together a list of features that are specific for Apple’s latest iPhone model. So, here it is.

iPhone Stereo Headset
Although you can use this accessory to listen to music, watch videos, and make phone calls even on an iPhone 3G, volume controls (the “+” and “–” buttons to adjust the volume) can only be used on the iPhone 3GS.

Video features are available only on iPhone 3GS. Apple’s latest iPhone model is the only one capable of capturing video, although all iPhone models boast a camera.

MMS with video
Since iPhone 3G S is the only one that does video, multimedia messages containing video can only be sent from this particular iPhone model. Picture MMS is supported on both iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S. Unfortunately, Apple has left 2G users out in the cold this time around.

See which way you’re facing
Another iPhone 3GS-only feature is enabled by an extra piece of hardware – the digital compass. With this built-in gizmo, the iPhone 3G S offers detailed driving, public transit, or walking directions to its user, and even shows current highway traffic conditions, or finds businesses in the area and calls with a single tap.
Voice Control
This feature lets you make phone calls and control iPod music playback by using voice commands. Simply tell your iPhone 3G S what to do and it will comply.

Percent battery display
Just like with older iPhone models, the battery icon in the upper-right corner on the iPhone 3G S’ screen shows the battery level or charging status. However, only on the 3G S, you can also display the percentage of the battery charge.

Publish video

If you have a YouTube account, you can publish videos directly from iPhone to YouTube. You cannot publish videos longer than ten minutes to YouTube from the device.

Nike +
On the iPhone 3G S, you can use Nike + iPod settings to activate and adjust settings for the Nike + iPod application.

In addition to the many capabilities that make the iPhone easy-to-use for everyone, iPhone 3G S boasts accessibility features that have been designed especially for users with visual, auditory, or other physical disabilities. iPhone 3GS accessibility features include VoiceOver (borrowed from Mac OS X), Zoom, White on Black, Mono Audio and Speak Auto-text.
That’s pretty much everything the iPhone 3G S has that older iPhone models don’t. We hope this piece proves helpful in your decision to buy a specific iPhone model and, if we’ve left something out, be sure to include it in your comments.


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