20090519_samsung Samsung Galaxy i7500 is the first mobile phone that the South Korean handset maker released to the market with the Google Android operating system installed on it. The handset is a rather attractive one, and voices around the Web point out that it is the best Android-powered device available on the market until the HTC Hero will arrive.

One of the first carriers around the world to release the handset is Bouygues Telecom, which put it on sale starting yesterday with a price tag of €89 ($125) upon the signing of a two-year contract agreement and after a €50 Web discount. Those who would like to purchase the handset free of contract will be able to do so as well, yet they will have to pay €429 ($605) for the phone.
Currently, the Samsung Galaxy is the third mobile phone to reach the shelves running under the Android operating system, and is the only such device from the South Korean phone maker. The company has been already rumored to plan releasing other Android phones in the near future, including a Samsung InstinctQ.

The Galaxy i7500, in case some of you might have forgotten, comes to the market with a 3.2-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display that boasts a 320 x 480-pixel resolution and support for 16 million colors, as well as a 5-megapixel photo snapper, 8GB of internal storage space, Wi-Fi, an HSDPA connectivity, a GPS receiver, and others more.
Another Samsung handset that could come to the market with Android is the SGH-T939 Behold2, which has been recently approved by the WiFi Alliance, and that is now suggested to run under Android while heading straight towards T-Mobile's lineup. There are no further details on the device, it seems, yet it shouldn't be too long before it will surface into the wild. However, until that happens, you can go for the Galaxy, which can be seen at Bouygues Telecom here.


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