Motorola-Announces-A1200R-a-New-A1200-MING-3 The Motorola A1200 MING became quite a popular mobile phone after its launch back in 2006, and now the handset maker decided it was high time to release into the wild a successor of the device, in the form of Motorola A1200R, a handset that has great chances to prove as successful as the original model.

The new Motorola A1200R has been announced for release onto the mobile phone market in Argentina, and it seems that the company also intends to launch it on other markets from the Latin American continent. The handset comes towards users with basically the same design as its predecessor, though there are a few differences that can be noticed.
For starters, we should note that the new Motorola A1200R also runs under a Linux platform, as the original model, yet it comes with novelties such as six widgets, offering users fast access to weather, converter, calorie calculator, or news (also allowing for additional widgets to be installed on the handset), as well as with Microsoft Office document editing capabilities, and with a business card scanner that uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology.

In addition, the new device sports FM radio capabilities, a Real Media Player for music and video playback, Bluetooth connectivity, the MotoID2 application, as well as a memory card slot for additional storage space (a 1GB memory card comes with the package), not to mention that it allows users to access the Internet and synchronize personal and corporate emails.
Other features of the phone include a QVGA touchscreen display and a 2-megapixel photo snapper, yet these were present on the old model as well. Unfortunately, it seems that the mobile phone maker hasn't unveiled yet any details on the exact availability of the Motorola A1200R, and no info on the price tag of the handset could be found either, though more should surface in the near future, so stay tuned to learn the news.


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